franchise iPad POS

Point of Sale for Restaurant Chains

Fast, easy, and efficient, Lavu Franchise iPad POS offers an intuitive front of house interface, complete sales reporting that is customizable by region or individual locations, and management features. The software was designed to improve efficiency and unify locations. Everything you need to run multiple restaurants is included with Lavu POS.

Lavu iPad POS for Chains and Franchises - manage all of your locations from a centralized back of the house interface

Multiple Business Management
   Regional Reports
   Accessible Anywhere
   Various Management Levels
   Company-wide Changes
   Modern Technology

Front of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Chains and Franchises


Complex orders are easy to place using an intuitive, easy to learn front of house interface.

Quick & Easy Ordering

Sell more during busy times with a fast ordering process

Customizable Menus

Serve drinks made to order with multiple modifier options

Happy Hour Specials

set your schedule for automatic pricing adjustments system-wide

Back of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Franchises and Chains


Managing and monitoring multiple locations is easily done through the Lavu back of house.

Real-time Management

updates to settings are applied in real-time to FoH devices

Employee Access Levels

Improve loss prevention and employee accountability

Inventory/Liquor Tracking

Real-time ingredient usage and inventory countdown available

Robust Reports

Know your business with end of day sales and product reports

Lavu iPad POS for Foodtrucks - the best value for your money


Lavu POS is a less expensive alternative to traditional point of sales.

Lower Initial Investment

Save thousands with small upfront cost

Inexpensive Hardware

Spend a fraction of traditional POS costs by using Apple products

Certified Specialist

frontline & onsite support, no contracts or retainers


free twenty-four hour phone support for all Lavu POS clients

  • testimonial_2
    “When it came time for expansion Lavu iPad POS was not only great for the price point but also easy to duplicate for different locations. It took a simple phone call and we were able to have our entire ingredient list, menu items, and other modifications duplicated over to the new location.”

    / Shake Smart

  • Lavu iPad POS for Chains.
    The Green Beans Coffee franchise uses an iPad point of sale and business management system called Lavu. GBC currently has seventeen Lavu accounts worldwide with more locations on track for 2014. The superior system design makes it easy to upgrade, maintain, and/or replace as needed. “Lavu is affordable and very cost effective, vis-a-vis other POS systems. The system setup is fast and uncomplicated, and it’s super easy to train staff.”

    / Green Beans Coffee