Food truck iPad POS

iPad POS for Food Trucks and Mobile Eateries

Fast, easy, and efficient, Lavu Food Truck iPad POS offers simple menu setup, an intuitive front of house, and complete sales reporting. Speed, mobility and multiple payment options are some of the specific needs of food trucks, and Lavu has direct solutions to cater to these needs. Everything you need to run your food truck is included with Lavu!

Lavu iPad POS  for Food Trucks - Order Management and Payment Processing on the go

   Mobile iPad POS
      Accessible Anywhere
      Real-time Reports
      Quick Serve Ordering
      Email Customer Receipts
      Offline Mode Available

Front of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Food trucks

Mobile Solutions

Lavu iPad POS is a complete mobile solution. It goes where you go, and helps run your business.

Quick & Uncomplicated Ordering

Sell more during busy times with a fast ordering process

Email Receipts

quickly send receipts to customers via email

Offline Mode

keep business going during internet downtimes

Back of the House management - Lavu iPad POS for Food Trucks

Back of House

Reports, settings customization, and employee info is available anywhere with an internet source.

Real-time Management

Updates to settings are applied in real-time to all devices

Employee Access Levels

Improve loss prevention and employee accountability

Robust Reports

Know your business with end of day sales and product reports

Inventory Tracking

Use real-time ingredient usage and inventory countdown features

Lavu iPad POS for Foodtrucks - the best value for your money

Value & Benefits

Lavu POS is an investment that helps you save and earn money.

Lower Initial Investment

Save thousands with small upfront costs

Inexpensive Hardware

Spend a fraction of traditional POS costs by using Apple products

Certified Specialist

Frontline & onsite support, no contracts or retainers


Free twenty-four hour phone support for all Lavu POS clients

  • Best Mobile Point of Sale
    "To offer our guests a superior takeout experience, delivered professionally, fast and accurately every time they visit -- that was the main goal," states Sheryl, Owner/Operator of Walter's Coffee Now food truck in Alberta, Canada. They selected Lavu for their iPad POS for the consistent expedition of orders with speed and accuracy. "Lavu iPad POS is a clear advantage over other food trucks that rely solely on hand written orders. Using the modifier checklists makes taking orders more accurate. Guests can enter customized and unique sandwich creations and then send them precisely to the cooks within seconds."

    / Walter’s Coffee Now

  • Best iPad POS for Food Trucks.
    "We chose a mobile food business so that we could attend fun events and provide healthy food alternatives to what is typically associated with weekend events. We selected an Italian wood brick oven because people are drawn to the aromas, the fire, and quick cook times -- 90 seconds cook time at 800+ degrees!" reports Mark who handles the business aspects of Ahhromas. They chose Lavu iPad point of sale (after extensive research) because it best fit their business model and exceeded their expectations as far as modern technologies were concerned. After narrowing their options to Lavu, they were pleasantly surprised by the coincidence that Lavu is also based in Albuquerque. The business partners aim to unite the community, and do what they can to support local businesses and causes when possible.

    / Ahhromas Pizza